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Alabama’s IVF bill renews debate over industry regulation

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Jamie Heard always knew she wanted to be a mother.

“When I was younger I had this dream of having five kids,” she recalled, “Of course that’s no longer the case but I’ve always wanted to be a mom from a very young age.”

Heard is one of millions of American women who struggle with infertility. The 37-year-old Birmingham native and her husband, Dontez, knew it would be difficult to conceive a child. Five years ago they made the decision to begin fertility treatments. They were unsuccessful. Heard finally turned to in vitro fertilization (IVF) when she learned the treatment was being added to her employer’s health benefits.

“Once I saw that news it was like a light bulb went off, like ‘Oh my God we can now afford fertility treatments and we can start to build our family.'”

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