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Advocacy in Action: Update

So far in 2023 RESOLVE has tracked, read, and analyzed 75 bills that could impact our community…some in a positive way, but way too many in a negative way. To date we’re following 15 bills in 13 states that are a threat to IVF access and 14 bills in 11 states, plus DC, that would increase access to family building options. It’s a lot, but it’s important that we’re staying on top of what is happening and fighting for our issues. We are constantly engaging with local advocates and our clinic and advocacy partners.

The state legislative process can be unpredictable. We rely on a tracking system tied to state websites for updated information and believe it or not every state process is different. “Tabling a bill” can be a good thing in one state and a bad thing in another. We have learned in South Carolina that many bills can be introduced and then if one doesn’t advance, it can still replace another bill that has moved forward. Regardless of the process or how far a piece of legislation moves in that process, we do know your family building options are being threatened and we will not stand for that.

The “good” bills—the bills which have a goal of increasing access to family building options—those we are very involved with, building and leading state coalitions to advance these pro-family bills. We motivate our grassroots advocates and activate our coalition partners. We are at the table when important conversations happen, give expert testimony, and we shine a spotlight on your stories.

Recently, in Washington state, we overcame the opposition of the insurance lobby and their scores of lobbyists to pass the Washington State Building Families Act (based on RESOLVE’s model legislation) in the House; we now must fight the same forces in the Senate by continuing to harness the power of the family building community and the stories of patients and professionals. Similarly, our Minnesota fertility insurance bill passed an important Committee in the Senate this week, and our bill in Oregon had a hearing in a key Committee last week.

In addition to maintaining this positive momentum, we must remain vigilant in the states where there is legislation that could threaten IVF. While most of these bills are targeting access to abortion care, IVF is often threatened because of dangerous personhood language and definitions. We continue to monitor the process in key states and are ready to engage with our grassroots advocates and the media when needed.

RESOLVE also wants to bring attention to a huge step in the fight to bring better insurance benefits to 2.9 million Federal Employees and their family members. This week the Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) Call Letter to insurance companies was released and for the first time ever it requires insurance plans to cover IUI treatment and medications as well as IVF medications. RESOLVE believes this is a step in the right direction and we appreciate the OPM and Congress’ interest in providing better family building benefits and the instrumental role of our federal Advocacy Day and Coverage at Work advocates who reinforce our direct conversations with OPM.

How can you keep track of what is going on?

How can you be part of the process?

So much of RESOLVE’s advocacy work is about being at the table where the conversations happen and sharing your stories, whether it’s with the media or lawmakers. RESOLVE is the largest patient advocacy group in the U.S. fighting for anyone who struggles to build a family and protecting your right to all family building options. We’re all in this together.