Updated, March 12, 2018, 10:45AM ET as new details were available

RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association is shocked to hear of another storage tank malfunction, this one at Pacific Fertility Center in San Francisco, CA. Together with the tank malfunction at University Hospitals Fertility Center in Cleveland, OH, these unprecedented tragedies impact the entire family building community. Our hearts break for each person impacted. We know first-hand what someone goes through to have eggs or embryos to freeze, and to have this outcome is devastating for everyone.

To provide support to anyone in the infertility community impacted by these events, RESOLVE will offer a special webinar featuring mental health professionals to provide some guidance on how to deal with such a loss. Click here to register for the Webinar.

RESOLVE’s Board of Directors and leadership firmly believe that the people impacted require answers – all of us deserve answers. RESOLVE will work with the entire infertility community to ensure the investigation into these malfunctions is transparent and complete. We have to ensure the complete safety for all current and future patients.


All patients pursuing IVF treatment or post-treatment need to understand their options when it comes to their embryos.

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