New York legislators introduce bill that would overturn the ban on compensated gestational surrogacy

(April 21, 2017, McLean, VA) In conjunction with RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association’s New York Advocacy Day, Assemblywoman Amy Paulin and Senator Brad Hoylman will host a press conference to discuss the Child-Parent Security Act (S.17 / A.6959). Paulin and Hoylman have introduced this legislation which would overturn the ban on compensated gestational surrogacy in New York.

Since 1992, New York has banned compensated surrogacy agreements. Since that time, the legal and medical fields have advanced so that egg donation is a widely-used option for couples. Today, the vast majority of surrogacy arrangements are through gestational carriers, where the woman carrying the pregnancy has no genetic link to the offspring. Gestational carrier pregnancies result from in vitro fertilization (IVF). The Child-Parent Security Act lifts the current ban on surrogacy and legalizes ‘gestational carrier’ arrangements, where a woman can receive compensation to carry a pregnancy, but has no genetic link to the offspring.

“Infertile and same-sex couples are currently forced to leave the state to have a child by a gestational carrier and compensate her,” said Risa Levine, New York resident and RESOLVE Board member. “This is burdensome to prospective parents. It limits their ability to fully participate in the pregnancy, since frequent travel out of state is costly and may be impossible for some families.”

“RESOLVE applauds Assemblywoman Amy Paulin and Senator Brad Hoylman for their leadership in ensuring family building options are available to all New York residents who need them,” said Barbara Collura, President/CEO, RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association. “We are supporting legislation that provides access to gestational surrogacy in several states, and are pleased that Washington, DC, recently ended its ban on surrogacy with passage of the ‘Collaborative Reproduction Amendment Act.’ We are hopeful that New York will be one of the next states to pass this type of gestational surrogacy legislation.”

It is estimated that over 440,000 New Yorkers are infertile. On April 25, more than 50 advocates will participate in RESOLVE’s second annual New York Advocacy Day in Albany. Members of the New York family building community meet with Members of the New York State Legislature to discuss the Child-Parent Security Act and issues important to this community. For more information, visit RESOLVE’s New York Advocacy Day webpage.

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