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A Letter to My Niece with Infertility

I know that this Mother’s Day is probably hard for you. It was and still is hard for me too. I remember the first time you found out that you may have a hard time conceiving. All of the feelings you were experiencing, were all too familiar to me. Right away that same pain and grief washed all over me again. Because I also suffered from infertility. I felt your heartache through every failed IVF, pregnancy announcement, and baby shower invite. My heart broke alongside you.

I want you to know that I will not tell you how to “fix” your infertility diagnosis, because I can’t. What I can do is listen and be there to hold your hand through this. I want you to know on those days when uncertainty takes over, I will be there to show you that life’s uncertainties can be fulfilling. I am sorry to say that there were days when I didn’t know how I would make it without children of my own, or someone to help me through this. Listen to me sweet niece, whether you do or do not ultimately have children, I will walk it with you.

Even now on Mother’s Day I still get a little sad, because I will never be called “Mom.” And it’s OK to feel how you are feeling on this day too. But sometimes words have different meanings. For me, I am a “Maunt” and that word and the profound relationship that we have is how I have healed.

With Love and support,

Your Maunt