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‘A huge sense of sadness:’ Pope’s call to ban surrogacy prompts anger, disappointment

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Surrogacy advocates reacted with anger and disappointment after Pope Francis called for a global ban on the practice, saying it violates the dignity of the woman and child.

“I feel a huge sense of sadness, because there are people all over the world who have lovingly built families through surrogacy and may feel the pope has discounted their family and the way they’ve chosen to build it,” said Barbara Collura, president and CEO of RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association.

During his “state of the world” address Monday, the 87-year-old Catholic Church leader described surrogate motherhood as “deplorable” and “based on the exploitation of situations of the mother’s material needs.”

“A child is always a gift and never the basis of a commercial contract,” the pope said. “Consequently, I express my hope for an effort by the international community to prohibit this practice universally.”

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