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All people challenged in their family building journey should reach their resolution by being empowered by knowledge, supported by community, united by advocacy, and inspired to act.



states with good insurance laws for IVF


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have new/expanded insurance coverage for infertility/fertility preservation. (Since 2019)

RESOLVE exists to provide...

Access to Care

We can help you find reproductive endocrinologists, urologists, mental health therapists, and other family building professionals.


We help you understand and advocate for insurance coverage and for legislation that improves access to all family building options.

Support & Community

You don't have to face infertility alone. Find someone to talk to who understands through our support groups, online community, and HelpLine.


We want everyone to have access to information about fertility and family building so you can feel empowered in your next steps.


We want everyone to be aware of all family building options available so you can choose what's best for you.

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my personal story

Nothing in the Water

I remember once asking a friend who was pregnant if I could have some of her water. I didn’t think it would work, but I wondered if it was worth a try. Years later, another friend posted a picture on social media of her and two women from our church who were pregnant.

There must be something in the water because the three of us lovely ladies are all due about a week apart from each other,” she said. This time, my reaction was different. At first, the post annoyed me, and then I felt very frustrated and sad.

If only,” I thought to myself. “If only there was something as easy as drinking some water that could help me get pregnant.

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We're (re)-building support, together.

The need to support those diagnosed with infertility and trying to build their family is far greater than our current reach. Learn more about how to start a RESOLVE support group.

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The Infertility Community Needs Your Help

We cannot accomplish our mission of providing access to care, support, and education without your help.

Start a Support Group

We’ll provide ongoing training and resources to support you in this key role for your local infertility community.

Become an Advocate

We rely on advocates just like you to help us advance legislation that protects or improves access to care and to stop bills that restrict access to any family building options.

Help Us Fundraise

Create your own, get ideas from previous fundraisers or consider hosting a DIY Walk of Hope.

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