Month: August 2022

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Lawmakers Want FEHB to Cover Infertility Treatment

August 30, 2022

Published by Continue reading here. A group of Democrats in the House and Senate want OPM to add coverage for infertility treatment to the FEHB. A group of Democrats…

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Lawmakers Are Urging OPM to Beef up Feds’ Fertility Benefits

August 29, 2022

Published by Government Executive – Read full article here. Democrats in both chambers of Congress bemoaned the abridged—and often expensive—coverage of treatments such as in vitro fertilization in the Federal…

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Above The Law

Is New Tax Bill The Key To Affordable And Equitable Fertility Treatment?

August 24, 2022

Published by Above the Law – Read the full article. Tax policy can be a little dry, but with rising rates of infertility and concerns of substantial population shrinkage, it’s…

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How Abortion Bans Could Make IVF Even More Expensive

August 15, 2022

Published by Newsweek – Read the full article When Teresa Barbosa married her husband Michael, children were always part of the plan. The couple was delighted when she became pregnant…

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New Federal Bill Could Allow Tax Deduction for Surrogacy Expenses, Remove Discrimination Against LGBTQ Tax Payers

August 11, 2022

Published by Yahoo! Finance – Read the full article! The proposed Equal Access to Reproductive Care Act brings hope for greater equality in the IRS regulations to LGBTQ families and…

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Local Couples Worry About Future of IVF After Fall of Roe v. Wade

August 9, 2022

Published by NBC4Washington – Read the full article. “If we are going to say those embryos are people or a person, gosh, can we freeze them? Can we do genetic…

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Two Women

There is a Woman, and #WeCanAll Support Her

August 8, 2022

What you don’t know about infertility is that it feels like you are living a double life. You have the “self” that you present to the world and you have…

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