Month: July 2022


How Infertility Affects Your Mental Health

July 29, 2022

Published by HealthCentral – Read the full article. by Lara DeSanto, Health Writer If your fertility journey is weighing you down, know that you are not alone. Here are ways…

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USA Today

Someone not drinking alcohol? It’s none of your business.

July 22, 2022

Published by USA Today. Read the full article. Hundreds of reasons can explain why someone chooses not to drink alcohol – but they don’t owe you an explanation. For many,…

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Infertility patients fear abortion bans could affect access to IVF treatment

July 21, 2022

Published by NPR – Read the full article here. After battling with infertility for several years, Melissa says she finally saw a glimmer of hope through in vitro fertilization. She…

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Male Factor Testing

Male Factor Testing: What to Expect and When to Begin the Process

July 20, 2022

We brought some questions to the table. Men can be impacted by infertility too, but what causes male infertility challenges? What contributes to our general lack of education about male…

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Fertility Doctors, IVF Families, Post-Roe: ‘We’re Anxious’

July 15, 2022

Published by WebMD – Read Full Article Here Married for nearly 5 years, Jessica King, 34, and her wife, Sarah, agreed on some things right from the start. “We always…

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Fertility treatments could be in jeopardy in anti-abortion states, IVF patients fear

July 11, 2022

Published by NPR – Read the full article here. Some who are struggling to conceive worry that the battle over abortion could put fertility treatments like IVF in jeopardy. The…

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Abortion bans could impact access to IVF after Roe v. Wade overturned, experts say

July 7, 2022

Published by Yahoo News – Read the full article. Since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade — the 1973 ruling that established abortion as a constitutional right —…

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The Hill

How abortion bans could restrict infertility treatments like IVF

July 7, 2022

Published by The Hill – Read the complete article. Health care providers are trying to navigate a world without legal abortion protections and worry there could be serious implications for…

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New York Times

Infertility Patients and Doctors Fear Abortion Bans Could Restrict I.V.F.

July 5, 2022

Published by New York Times – Read Full Article Here Anna Nibley Baker, a mother of four in Salt Lake City, is reasonably certain that she and her husband are…

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Kansas City couple concerned Missouri’s abortion ban will lead to prohibition of ‘in vitro fertilization’

July 1, 2022

Published by – Read the Full Article KANSAS CITY, Mo — New abortion bans are creating confusion and legal questions about the practice of discarding embryos as a part…

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