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All people challenged in their family building journey should reach their resolution by being empowered by knowledge, supported by community, united by advocacy, and inspired to act.



states with good insurance laws for IVF


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have new/expanded insurance coverage for infertility/fertility preservation. (Since 2019)

RESOLVE exists to provide...

Access to Care

We can help you find reproductive endocrinologists, urologists, mental health therapists, and other family building professionals.


We help you understand and advocate for insurance coverage and for legislation that improves access to all family building options.

Support & Community

You don't have to face infertility alone. Find someone to talk to who understands through our support groups, online community, and HelpLine.


We want everyone to have access to information about fertility and family building so you can feel empowered in your next steps.


We want everyone to be aware of all family building options available so you can choose what's best for you.

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It's time to fight for families.

Right now, we must fight to keep access to IVF legal. Join Fight for Families to ensure that all family building options remain accessible and legal.

my personal story

Why We Choose Adoption: Kevin and Maria’s Personal Story

You should just adopt!” is a phrase many in the infertility world are used to hearing. While said often as a well-meaning response, it can be extremely hurtful and upsetting when you realize that your path to family-building will look different than your sister’s, your co-worker’s, or your college best friend’s. When you decide to adopt a child, you don’t get to experience your baby’s first kick, you don’t always get the luxury of nine months to nest, you don’t always get to see your child’s birth. And, for some, the risks of an adoption not going through or not being able to carry your own child are just too much. So, why then did we choose adoption?

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