Managing Infertility Online

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Managing Infertility Online

Three Ways to Get More from the Internet and Social Media

Learn how to successfully find online the infertility and family building information you need to make informed decisions.

Online Support Communities Could Be Your Lifeline

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Why Website Accreditions Are Important for Infertility Patients

Online support communities can be your lifeline when you need to reach out to people who understand what you are going through. RESOLVE offers two types of online communities that offer different levels of privacy and engagement. Join a Online Support Communities.

If You Are Using the Internet to Adopt

Some adoption agencies and businesses that facilitate adoptions function only online and do not have offices. Unfortunately, there have been some tragic outcomes when the Internet is used to adopt. Here are some questions to ask before proceeding with an adoption via the internet.

If You are Considering Buying Medication Over the Internet

RESOLVE supports consumers in their efforts to secure safe and effective medications at the best prices. As more pharmacies are offering medications online and some consumers are considering getting their medications from foreign countries, consumers need to carefully consider these sources. Here are some questions to ask in order to find a reputable online pharmacy.

When Using the Internet for Infertility Information

Keep in mind that while the Internet is an excellent vehicle for communication and information, it also can be a sophisticated and subtle form of advertisement. Additionally, don't base your medical work-up or treatment options solely on others’ personal stories. Ask your specialist what his/her opinion is about a particular test or treatment. No information on the Internet is a substitute for medical advice from your doctor. If you use the Internet to connect with others experiencing infertility through news groups, forums, bulletin boards or chats, or if you are using the Internet as an informational resource, consider asking these questions.

RESOLVE & Social Media: Let's Change the Conversation

Whether we like it or not, social media is a big part of our daily lives. Let's use it to change the conversation about something that is important to all of us.